Knives and Scissors are standard utensils in home and business kitchens across Plano.  Cutlery Collection, located at Willowbend Mall in Plano, is the premier knife and scissor sharpening service provider in Plano and North Texas. Our sharpening is skillfully done by hand, the old fashioned way.  We do not use preset jigs or pull through mechanical methods. We can sharpen just about every category of knife depending on its condition we have at our disposal slack belts, buffer, and sharpening stones.  Unlike others in our industry, we have almost 40 years of professional sharpening experience.

When you stop by to drop your knives off for sharpening, look around at our collection of new knives, you might find a new knife for your collection. We have the unique ability to sharpen every category of knife, including:

Kitchen Knives- Most kitchen cutlery is sharpened at a 20 degree bevel. Asian knives are usually sharpened at 15-17 degrees. Some kitchen knives have serrated edges. We have specially shaped stones that allow us to sharpen serrated knives. In addition to basic sharpening, we can repair blades with broken tips and chips by re-profiling the knife. We recommend the use of wooden cutting board to maintain the sharp edge of your knife. Additionally, we offer training in the proper method honing steel use to maintain knife edge between sharpening appointments.

Pocket Knives and Hunting Knives – There are many different blade shapes and styles available and in use for pocket knives and hunting knives. There is only correct method to appropriately sharpen pocket or hunting knives, which is by hand due to the different blade styles.  Paying attention to the type of steel the knife is made from can make a big difference in the type of stone or method we must employ.  As an added service, we give pocket knives and folders a “tune up” during sharpening by lubricating the pivots and tightening any loose screws.

Scissors and Shears – Scissors and Shears are sharpened a little differently than knives. With years of experience dealing with some of the finest cutlery manufacturers in Solingen, Germany, helped us perfect our scissor and shear sharpening skills. Each shear is different according to use and must be sharpened accordingly. Kitchen shears, sewing shears, hair shears, they all get special attention. In addition, we check tension of the shear and lubricate if needed.

Straight Razors – Straight Razors require a little more time to sharpen thus expect to leave it with us for a day or so. We use the very finest natural stones for straight razor sharpening. In addition to basic sharpening, we can remove any small chips in the blade and remove stains and minor rust. Most razors purchased are not shaving ready and we can take care of that for you.

You pay a lot of money for you knives and maintaining their sharpness is vital to a superior cutting experience.  The last thing you want is to pull our favorite and it is dull and unable to perform as you expected. Stop by and see us at Willowbend Mall in West Plano for all your new knife and sharpening needs. 

Do not forget, we also sharpen paper cutter blades, garden tools, food processor blades, pizza cutters, etc.

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