Take a short drive west on 121 then south on the Toll Road and you will find the most skilled knife sharpening shop in North Texas, just inside the Shops of Willowbend.  Cutlery Collection offers sharpening for every type of knife, scissor, razor, and so much more for The Colony and the surrounding area!  From the purchase of knives and cutlery to sharpening and repair, Cutlery Collection is honored and dedicated to the delivery of old-fashioned The Colony customer service. At Cutlery Collection, we strongly believe knife sharpening is an art that takes time and a personal touch, thus we treat each knife with the special care you expect. We are knife sharpening artisans located in the The Colony area. We use old-fashioned practices to insure the sharpening, of your fine cutlery and knives, meets or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications. We have over 30 years of experience with special training from factories in Germany and Japan on old school methods and techniques guaranteeing quality workmanship.

We recommend band-aids and care in handling our finished work!

What is involved in sharpening a knife or cutlery?  We understand the function and design every knife, cutlery, scissors, etc. we sharpen.

  • We restore your knife to its designed function.
  • We do more than sharpen the edge, we thin the blade.
  • We remove chips, nicks and reshape your knives to original functionality.
  • We give your knife an edge that is the strongest, sharpest & longest lasting.
  • We trim and reshape the bolster as needed.

For drop -off service, bring your knives in to the store.  Cutlery Collection is an authorized service provider for many of the top brands.

The rates for our knife sharpening services are listed below.  If you require additional services, contact our service professionals for a quote at 469.366.4496.  


This list is just some of our sharpening prices. If you do not see your knife or cutlery item listed, please ask for information on blades you may need sharpening.

  • Kitchen Knives – .40 per inch of blade
  • Daiyamonda Shiage – $0.90 per inch (For Japanese knives)
  • Pocket knives – $5.00
  • Scissors – $4.00
  • Hair shear -$5.00 & up
  • Fixed blade – $5.00 & up

Why Sharpen Knives and Cutlery?

Sharpening knives on a consistent basis certifies you are prepared for every occasion or situation, whether in the kitchen or not.  Just imagine planning for a big celebration and you find your knife or cutlery is dull.  Dull knives do not work as designed.  Along with cleaning, proper care for your knife requires honing on a regular basis and reshaping of the blade to brighten it back to manufacturer specification.

We are conveniently located on the Tollway at The Shops of Willowbend, southeast of The Colony. Come by and See Us Today!

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