What You Should Know About Sharpening Your Knives

It is important to maintain the sharpness of your knives to ensure continued excellence in your cooking experience.  When you receive a new sharp knife, you quickly realize the difference and what you have been missing.  A sharp knife will cut through food with less slippage.  

A dull knife requires more force which results in a higher chance of slipping and missing the mark, thus making Dull knives more dangerous.  Surprisingly, poorly cut food will not cook properly, whereas a sharp knife will produce evenly cut food that cooks at an even rate.  

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Does Your Knife Need Sharpening? – The Paper Test

Unfortunately, even the best knives will dull with regular use over time.  How do you determine if your knife needs sharpening?

How to perform the paper test.  Hold a folded, but not creased, sheet of a newspaper by one end. (You can also use a single sheet of basic printer/copy paper.) Lay the blade against the top edge at an angle and slice outward. If the knife fails to slice cleanly then it needs sharpening.

[h3]Benefits of a Sharp Knife – Richardson

As mentioned, a sharp knife is better than a dull knife in so many ways. 

  • A sharp knife works better
  • A sharp knife is safer
  • Sharpening is an investment
  • Sharpening gives you more control
  • Sharpening is best through a professional

Knife Sharpening in Richardson

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