Knives and Knives Sharpening in Allen

Did you know in Allen, TX there is a store you can purchase amazing knives from the largest assortment in North Texas and have your knives sharpened? 

There is and it has been around since 1979.  For 30+ years, Cutlery Collection has been offering Allen a “World of Knives” all under one roof.   You will find quality knives, cutlery, scissors, and old-fashioned service, which has been our hallmark for decades along with our full-service Cutlery shop.  Our Cutlery shop offers professional knives, scissors, and razor sharpening.

The knowledge and experience of our Allen team are unmatched and have proven to be a valuable resource available to collectors all over the world!

Stop by our Allen location and see what all Cutlery Collection has to offer.  You will be amazed. 


Cutlery Collection Annual Knife Shows – Allen

Annually, Cutlery Collection is proud to sponsor the Hand-Crafted Knife International Show.  A showcase of 100 percenter custom knife makers from all over the world.  At the showcase, you will find a fantastic assortment of hand-crafted knives and be able to speak with the craftsman.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the next Hand-Crafted Knife International Show.

Cutlery Collection Allen – Services

Cutlery Collection in Allen is proud to offer full-service knife sharpening for all types of knives.  You can find out more about our knife sharpening services at our Knife Sharpening page.

Our knife selection, including hand-crafted custom knives, is the largest in Allen and you have to see it to understand.

Come by today and check out our full selection.  Ask for Karl, he can ask any question you have.


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