From sharpening to purchasing new cutlery and knives, Cutlery Collection is here to provide you with old fashioned customer service beyond approach.

Sharpening is an art, and we are sharpening artisans. Old fashioned techniques insure sharpening of your fine cutlery that meets or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications.

With over 30 years experience, and guidance from factories in Germany and Japan, old school methods guarantee quality workmanship.

Band-aids and care in handling our finished work is recommended!


Some of our sharpening prices. ask for information on blades you may need sharpening.

Kitchen Knives – .40 per inch of blade

Daiyamonda Shiage – $0.90 per inch (For Japanese knives)

Pocket knives – $5.00

Scissors – $4.00

Hair shear -$5.00 & up

Fixed blade – $5.00 & up