Do you remember your first sharp knife?  The one that smoothly cut through anything you used its sharp edge on.  Probably your finger a couple times too.  Tomatoes, salmon, steak, and even onions were no match. A good sharp knife will turn any task into one of pleasure and quickness. The new found quick chopping ability will make you seem like a kitchen ninja.

For a knife to continue its amazing working capability and at peak performance, it must be shown loving care.  Cutlery Collection, in Plano, recommends a several ways you can maintain a strong, sharp knife: proper cleaning, proper storage, regular honing, and sharpening.  Cutlery Collection can instruct you on the first three and handle the sharpening quickly and with a precision unsurpassed in the industry.  

We are experienced in sharpening many times of knives including:

  • Butcher Knife – designed for accuracy for trimming large cuts of meat and large fruits
  • Chef’s Knife –designed to slice, dice, and chop with ease
  • Carving Knife – used to make thin slices of turkey, chicken, or ham
  • Utility Knife – used to trim excess fat and slicing or coring fruits and vegetables
  • Paring Knife – precision knife for small fruits and vegetables
  • Bird’s Beak Paring Knife – precise tool for garnishes and good for peeling round fruit
  • Boning Knife – flexible and agile for cutting whole chicken, pork chops, or lamb chops
  • Bread Knife / Slicer – perfect for slicing meats, poultry, seafood, warm breads and cakes due to its long narrow blade.
  • Cheese Knife – designed to smoothly slice through most types of cheese
  • Hardy Slicer – used to cut through hardy vegetables and meats including acorn squash, pumpkins, and pepperoni
  • Sheep’s Foot Paring Knife – designed for intricate cutting requirements
  • Spatula Spreader – made to spread, stir, slice, and serve all in one
  • Meat Cleaver – ultra sharp and heavy used for the toughest meat cutting jobs
  • Santoku Knife – same as chef’s knife with an added drop point tip for precision
  • Salmon Knife – designed to remove the delicate skin from salmon and filleting fish and preparing sushi
  • Table Knife or Steak Knife – table slicer for meat and vegetables
  • Vegetable Cleaver – designed for precise and clean chopping, slicing, and dicing of vegetables
  • Kitchen Shears – a herb and chicken snipper and also good for twine cutting and outdoor uses

With this many types of knives, Knives are our most important tools in the kitchen. Plano residents expect them to last a lifetime, but that will only happen if they are take care of correctly. Stop by Cutlery Collection, in Plano, and we will show you how.

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